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MDK - Ep 1

This Episode is sonsred by Mazoni E-cigs

Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra

Saltopus - Don Cooper

You get Nothing - Gene Wilder - Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory [1971]

Who? - Al Pacino - Heat [1995]

MDK - Ep 2

This Episode is sponsred by EZ-Puff E-cigs 

Fight Club OST

C'est La Vie - Bewitched

The Counselor​ [2013]

Blue Velvet [1986]

MDK - Ep 3

This Episode is sponsred by Colm41

Anna - Jonathan Eng - [from Device 6]

Find the Smurf - The Smurfs

American Hustle [2014]

Sex Robot - The Whitest Kids U'Know

Blah blah blah -Animal- Ke$ha

Factory - Darkness on the Edge of Town -  Bruce Springstein

MDK  - Ep 4

This Episode is brought to you by the emotion rage
Sesame St Theme
American Psycho Intro -  John Cale
The Goddess - Sin City [2005]
Cisco Hold Music
Excitable Boy - Stand in the Fire -Waren Zevon
Sex robot - The Whitest Kids U'Know

Ferrero Rocher: "The Ambassador's Party"
Show Me A Catholic - The Ninth Configuration [1980]

MDK - Ep 5

This Episode is brought to you by your contact station.
Number Stations
House of Cards Theme - Jeff Beal
The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) -Matt Cardle - The X Factor Live show 5
Max Payne: The Pink Bird Institute
Another Drink? - Dylan Moran: Like Totally
Non Stop [2014]
Mamma Bear - Device 6
Chicken Boo - Animaniacs

MDK - Ep 6

This episode is sponsored by louis Cyphre
Fan of Man - Al Pacino - Devils advocate

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play
Learning Colours with Lana Del Rey: Born to Die
Radio Rudy Vs. Ferret Man
A Promise [2014]
All Knowing, All Powerful Foot - The Ninth Configuration [1980 ]
Khia - My Neck, My Back / Lick It Good

Tweety Pie
The Ultimate Family- The Fly [1986]

MDK - Ep 7

You are sponsored by this episode
The Birds And The Bees - Jewel Akens
林俊傑 - JJ 陸 - 不潮不用花錢
Chew Bubble Gum and Kick Ass - They Live 1988
300 [2006]
Begin Again [2014]
The Soft Parade - The Doors
His Soul is mad - Denis Hopper - Apocalypse Now [1979]

MDK - Ep 8

This episode is brought to you by the Cold Touch of God
2001 Space Odyssey [1968]
Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
Danger Will Robinson - Robot-  Lost in Space
Sonic the Hedge Hog  OST [1991]
Off World Colonies / Tears in Rain - Blade Runner [1982]
The WOW signal
Space Jam Theme Johnny McGowan Nathaniel Orange, V Bryant
Mr. Holmes [2015]
You can't go out into space - Dennis Hopper - Apocalypse Now [1979]
Art Bell Show - Frantic Caller - 1997
Urban Spaceman - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Why won’t you go to the Moon? - The Ninth Configuration [1980]

MDK - Ep 9

This podcast is sponsored by men and women
***Flawless -  Beyoncé ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
It Can’t Matter to You - Vertigo [1958]
Girls and Boys Come Out to Play
By a Waterfall With You - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Tadpols
Beep - The Pussycat Dolls ft.
Great Ass - Al Pacino - Heat [1995]
Prick - Al Pacino- The Merchant of Venice [2004]
Summer Nights - Grease
Man I feel like a woman - Shania Twain
50 Shades of Gray [2014]
You’re Beautiful - James Blunt
Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell
70's Porn Music - Doctor Sex
Fuck You - Dr Dre + Devin The Dude
Pretty Woman 1990

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